“Can I get one of your pieces tattooed?” is a question I get a lot..!
So here’s your answers! ♡ 
• Is it okay if I get one of your artworks tattooed?
Yes! I am 100% okay with people getting my work tattooed on them. All I ask is I be appropriately credited and that you send me photos and/or tag me in them! I am @jijidraws on my social media accounts. »Instagram • Twitter • Facebook«  
•How do I compensate you for using your art for a tattoo?
♡ To compensate me you may do so directly »here«*! Use of a non-exclusive design is only $50 USD.
{*Please be sure to select ‘no shipping address needed’ if you do/write in the notes it is for a tattoo so I know!
• I want something custom made! Do you take tattoo design commissions?
I sure do! I usually have tattoo design slots on my Storenvy. If commissions are closed however, you can reach out to talk about it via email or wait until my commissions open back up! (I announce when they are open again across all my social media platforms.) 
•Do you have a PATREON I can subscribe to?
I do not! At least not yet. I do however have a Ko-fi! Every little ounce of support goes endlessly appreciated. 
♡ ♡ ♡
Thank you all! I hope this answered your questions!
And thank you for liking my work enough to make it a part of your life permanently! – Jiji 
♡ ♡ ♡ 
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