1. What media do you use? 
I work primarily in traditional mediums! Although I have been trying to get my digital art on the same level.
For my traditional work I use:
- Copic Multiliners to ink 
- Sumi ink (straight from the bottle) to do washes 
- Copic Markers to colour 
- A plain white gel pen for highlights
- Watercolours! Winsor & Newton, Holbein, & Daniel Smith
- Marker Paper: RENDR
- Watercolour paper: FLUID/ARCHES/BEE COMPANY 
- And the most important tool I have: years of practice!
2. I saw this piece of yours and I would love to get it tattooed*!
How do you feel about that?
Here is my link to my tattoo policy, for my in depth reading! That being said, I am 100% okay with people getting my work tattooed on them. All I ask is I be appropriately credited and that you send me photos and/or tag me in them! I am @jijidraws on my social media accounts. c:
»Instagram • Twitter • Facebook« 
(( *NOTE: This also applies to people who ask if they can cosplay my designs! )) 
3. How do we compensate you for using your illustration for a tattoo?
Do you have a patreon? Can I support you?
♡ To compensate me you may do so directly »here«*! 
{*Please be sure to select ‘no shipping address needed’ if you do/write in the notes it is for a tattoo so I know!}  
As for Patreon, I do not have a Patreon at the moment however I do have a Ko-Fi! It’s a donation based platform where you give a creator the amount of a coffee or more if you’d like as a token of your appreciation. Mine is right here:
ko-fi.com/jijidraws // 
Thank you!
4. Did you go to art school? Where?
Do you recommend going to art school?
I did go to art school! For four years I was in San Fransisco attending the Academy of Art University. I have a bachelor’s in illustration. While art school was great, I can’t say I recommend anyone go..! And not because of the cost – okay partially because of the cost – but because there are so many great alternative ways to learn now! 
Like Schoolism who runs both live and online classes. And it’s run by people both still actively in the industry or near the industry so you can trust you are getting the most accurate information - unlike a traditional school where the instructors are sometimes two or three years behind what is new and where the workforce is moving (which affects you ultimately in the end because now you’re 3 years behind the people working today).
We’re lucky as artists because in our industry you don’t really need a degree. What you need is a strong portfolio. No business or studio or company is going to ask you ‘did you get an A in figure drawing?’ They want to see the results of your studies themselves in strong, assertive, confident, and consistent pieces.
5. Will you be making (this piece) into a print/sticker/etc.? 
Maybe! It depends on how in demand it is since I like to be very hands on with my product. 
6. Where do you make your merch? // How do you make your merch?
I get this question a lot. And I mean a lot.
And that being said: I do not share my vendors/suppliers!

I find a lot of the time this is a question you can answer by going out there and researching as I have and as many other artists I know have. We spend hours online comparing different websites, talking with vendors, making spreadsheets to gather all our quotes and compare, talking to other artists at convenctions, ordering paper samples or test samples (both of which cost time and money) in order to find companies we're happy with and can build relationships with. I think sharing resources is a wonderful thing and yes, I do share some (like what ink I use, my preferred brushes, etc. etc.), but please respect when an artist does not wish to share.
It isn't about secretive or any other variety of reasons that come with feeling like you’re being held out on! I promise. But it’s because the sources and resources my friends and I share amongst each other are a labour of love. The effort is physical, mental, and emotionally draining at times. Because of the sheer quantity of exertions, stress, time, and so many other factors - I really feel like I just can’t give them away. I really hope that’s understandable..! Thank you.
7. Do you do shoutouts/could you give me a shoutout? 
At the moment I don’t do shoutouts..! There are a variety of artists though that hold contests for features so seek those out for sure. c: 
8. Who is “Strawberry Mint Witchling”?
She’s one of my original characters! In a way she’s a little piece of me that just manifested itself into this chubby, lovable pink witch who has no shame in herself and all this love to give. She has two familiars, a white cat named Ghost and a black cat named Spoopy. And she has »her own tag« of course so you can see everything I’ve made surrounding her and her life. SMW means a lot to me so please don’t repurpose her for your own use. I welcome fanart however! I love that she’s as loved by others as she is by me. ♥
9. Can I do fanart of (Strawberry Mint Witchling, Little Vampzula, La Muerte, etc.)?
I’d be honoured if you did! Just please don’t claim the character is yours and tag/credit me, of course!
IP is a very important thing to respect amongst us creators after all.
10. Can I use (this piece) as reference?
I’d prefer you didn’t truthfully. When you refer from a drawn picture, you’re not only absorbing that artist’s style but their choices, and some of those may be purely accidental. Or sometimes it is something they do on purpose that isn’t necessarily ‘right’ anatomically speaking but works for /their/ style.
It is always best to work from real photos! And from life, of course. Ask a friend to pose! Or pose for yourself in front of a camera and take your own reference photos. I promise you, you’ll learn so so somuch more in the end! You’ll really thank yourself down the road. ♡ 
11. I love your body positive work!
Do you have tips on drawing chubby/plus size figures?
First of all, thank you! That is very kind! And tips? I really don’t have any ‘mind blowing’ tips that will suddenly make everything make sense. It’s literally just practice! c: 
Draw from life, from real reference of real people, and just study them day in and day out. There are plenty of ‘fat’ and ‘curvy’ reference pictures online and available to everyone! So go for it and just try and try again. Why you should start working from life is explained in question ten above!
12. What are your inspirations?
How do you get inspired?
This is a big, big, big question because I get inspiration from everything and everyone in my life! If you’re asking for people that inspire me? I love Alphonse Mucha, Audrey Kawasaki, Romain de Tirtoff (Erté), Brian M. Viveros, Olivia De Berardinis, Babs Tarr, Sibylline Meynet, Kevin Wada, Annie Wu – there are so many artists I look up to! 
I also just find inspiration in things that have always fascinated me as a little girl: the night sky, the moon, crystals, witches and mermaids, plants and nature, and of course, fashion and women. I know what I like! And because I know what I like, I can actively seek out those things on Google, Tumblr, Pinterest, and any other website I can search for things.   
— ♡ ♡ ♡ End of FAQ ♡ ♡ ♡ —
Thank you guys for your questions! I will add to this as I get more and more common questions and again, if you don’t see an answer please feel free to send me an ask! (If it’s open. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed I need to close them for a bit..!)
xo j i j i
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